Blatter Praised The Host In The Football Status

  • FIFA was born in Paris. French Prime Minister and Mayor of Paris also celebrated the centenary celebration, Blatter praised the host in the football status, as well as the contribution of FIFA. Blatter specifically mentioned between 1921 and 1954 as the third FIFA president of the Frenchman Zhu Lei Mite. It is the proposal and promotion of Remet, only now the most talked about the World Cup. "If we do not have the initiative of Jules Remet, we may be celebrating here today, but there will never be such a grand celebration," Blatter said.


    The Special Congress also presented special FIFA special awards to a number of countries, organizations, clubs and individuals for their special contribution to football. In the FIFA awarded 10 Centennial Medal of Honor, Sheffield Club because it is the history of the first professional club, he and Real Madrid won the title of the best club in the century. Japan and South Korea won the "Best Supporting Country" award, FIFA is responsible for the development of the International Committee of the "fair" award, Africa won the "World Soccer Development" award, Uruguay and Zhu Lei Mite won the "World Cup" Olympic Committee won the "Best Sports Organization Award", FIFA honorary chairman Avelan won the "best management" award, Bailey and Beckenbauer won the "best player" award.