Klose Has Finally Completed The Long Cherished Wish

  • July 9, 2014, the 16th World Cup, Klose has finally completed the long-cherished wish, crowned World Cup history number one striker. The ball is in the Brazilian territory against the Samba Corps, the completion of the Brazilian national idol beyond, and the rate of the German chariot out of the host into the final, so that the history of Germany's first center forever recorded a brilliant record of the birth of more meaningful And value Cheap FIFA 18 Coins.


    The semi-finals can be the starting line, Klose ushered in the 23rd World Cup played, chasing Maldini, the history of second only to the appearance of 25 times the predecessor of Matthaeus. At the same time, Lazio center is also the only four consecutive World Cup into the semi-finals and debut of the players, and his playoff played 13 games, then go beyond 12 games Cafu and Matthaeus, 11 games of Maldini, Schwein Staig and others ranked first in history.


    The first half of the 23 minutes, the moment to change the history of the World Cup, Klose and Muller formed a cross post moves with the former first foot shot by the reaction of the rapid Cesar sealed, but K God by keen sense of smell quickly come forward The This is the goal of Klose this World Cup second goal, the group match against Ghana his tied goals to make it tied Ronaldo, 9 after the battle to complete beyond. In the World Cup scoring the same list was left behind by the German center, there are 14 balls of Gade - Muller, 13 ball Fang Dan, 12 ball Bailey and 11 goals Ke Qi Shi and Klinsmann, etc. Legendary shooter.