You Can Unlock Items To Customize Your Chariot

  • The trophy's requirements have been changed according to the latest updates, from having to earn all items, only 200. By completing the Rockets league game, you can unlock items to customize your chariot, such as decals, paints and "top", which are essentially hats. When the Rockets league game starts, it gets a goal. The Rockets league game will end, and you will be brought to the Rocket League game after the menu Rocket League Crates.


    Here, choose to get ready for the next game. Rinse and repeat until you unlock all items. Once you have completed the Rocket Rockets league game where you won the last project, the trophy will be unlocked. The Rocket Rockets league game has more than 200 items in all updates installed so you don't have to unlock everything. A project is earned for each completed Rocket Rockets league game, so you will have to complete 200 rocket league games to unlock the trophy. With a free mutator update, you can get this trophy in a record time by simply updating the Rockets league game to the latest version.