Rocket League Game Is A Busy Game

  • Rocket League's ball is a complex beast, according to how difficult you hit the place where you touch it, and which part of your car contact, around the scene to jump. Of course, this game in the busy game can be brought to the air, let it regain control of it. Fortunately, your car's lift and jump ability allows you to fly over the air and do it. Do not misunderstand, the air game is very difficult to master, need a lot of practice to correctly grasp Rocket League Items.


    Learning how to control your car in the air is very useful and can give you a great advantage in the game. Unfortunately, in addition to practice, improve your air game is not simple. Our advice is to perform air strikes at the same time as opportunities arise and use the Rocket League practice mode to adapt to physics. Do not be afraid to try: If you do not try, you can not get the benefit. In the simplest case, jump while lifting and tapping the joystick to let you fly over the air. Further manipulation of the lever and boost can allow you to correct the track and pitch.