The Rocket League'S Competitive Landscape

  • Psyonix and Twitch brought the Rocket league's competitive landscape for the weekend's professional tournament, where teams from all over the world will compete for their share of the "$ 75,000 prize pool" in the Rockets Championship series! More importantly, these registered players will compete to see who is the greatest rocket league team in the sport Rocket League Keys. Qualifying 1 will begin on Saturday, April 30, when the North American stent was launched at PDR morning at 7 am.


    The European stent was on a compromise on Sunday, May 1. View the following graphic broadcast time:In order to make things more exciting, the official rocket league seizures will cover the action of the star lineup broadcast talent, you will not want to miss!Set is set, stage lights are dialed in. The camera is focused and the control room glows. More than 20,000 rockets are waiting for their glorious moments. Ladies and gentlemen, the world's largest rocket league is about to begin!