The Individual Points And Losses Of Personal Feedback

  • Hello everybody! We have already heard your feedback on the competitors of the Rockets League in the second quarter and have taken some measures to solve the problem. We want to give you a stealth preview, and we will work hard for the next update. First, we read all the concerns about the lack of progress in the second quarter. While we insist that we decide to get rid of the individual points and losses of personal feedback, we do think that the current lack of visibility where you are standing on the skill level is a problem.


    In order to solve this problem, we have added a Division indicator to your skill level that you can see in this diagram: Each level of skills in five departments - one, two, three, four, five grade, respectively, accounted for about 20% of the level of skills Rocket League Crates. You will be in order, I Division is the lowest, and V zone the highest. When you are in V, you know that you are near promotion, and vice versa. For the highest skill level players, you will not see the score and you will see your actual skill level, whether or not you are in the top 100.