Killer clowns hit UK: wholesale halloween costumes Creepy craze

  • The craze of scaring kids wholesale halloween costumes  dressed as a "killer clown" has hit the UKSightings of pranksters in the creepy costumes have been rife across the UK.

    Now police have arrested one teenager in  Halloween Costumes Outlet  possession of a knife.

    The sinister clowns, targeting children, have been jhgkgjhsdf sighted jumping out of bushes and chasing pedestrians down the street.

    The search begun after three clowns were spotted at Penn State University, USThey have been spotted all over the country from Edinburgh in Scotland to Hampshire on the south coast of England.

    Cops issued a warning to tricksters planning on dressing up as Northumbria Police received six clown-related calls in just five days.

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    "This arrest should act as a clear warning to others who are actively seeking to cause distress and potentially harm others.

    "This behaviour will not be tolerated by Northumbria Police and extra officers will be on hand to offer reassurance and catch those responsible for any criminal offences which have taken place."

    The scary fancy dress has spread fear among residents hoping to dodge the "clown killers" in the run up to Hallowe'en.

    "Manchester has a lot of problems, but I never thought clowns would be one of them."

    Twitter userOne person took to Twitter, writing: "Manchester has a lot of problems, but I never thought clowns would be one of them".

    Speaking to student newspaper The Tab, an Edinburgh University student said: "If it's true about these clowns going about Edinburgh I'm not leaving my house till Christmas!"

    In the US mass hysteria has greeted the terrifying sightings which have been terrorising neighbourhoods.

    Students flooded the streets yesterday with tennis rackets and baseball bats when three clowns were spotted on campus at Penn State University in Pennsylvania, US.