World of Warcraft launches new mount - Giant Bee

  • World of Warcraft mount collectors have been very excited recently, and based on reliable news, the game is about to usher in an incredible new flying mount - a giant bee with a seat mounted on its back and carrying a honey pot with it, the mount Named "Honeyback Harvester." Not only that, but the game also adds activities related to the bee theme, players can get a variety of gifts, including butterfly war pets. Blizzard hopes to give players a sweet feeling through this activity.

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    MMOWTS Halloween Event

    In the official World of Warcraft community, a post revealed the news. The beekeepers of Stormsong Valley submitted a report that bees in the area will be very active in the near future, and you can always hear the buzzing of them. There are two conditions to be met for this series of tasks. First, only players in the league can participate, and you must get a hidden pet in the Stormsong Valley - Bumbles or Seabreeze Bumblebee.

    In the next few weeks, Alliance faction players will need to work with the beekeeper Barry to track the emerging hive in the area based on the clues provided by the system. In the hive, players will encounter Hivemother, and if the player can complete the various tasks she provides, she will also receive rich rewards.

    The prize list includes three new butterfly combat pets with different colors and features and are tradable. Horde players who are unable to participate in this series of missions can only purchase souvenirs from these Honeyback hives at the auction house. The first, the Crimson Skipper, is "stained red from the blood of its enemies" and drops a Honey Smasher. There's also a yellow – the Sunsoaked flitter, whose wings change to yellow in the sunlight and drops – and a purple called Papi ( Rumoured to come from a location called Devil's Island), which both drop Fresh Jelly Deposits in Stormsong Valley.

    It's important to note that Hivemother doesn't welcome players at first, so you must first collect some thin jelly and give them to Hivemother to increase your reputation on the Honeyback hive. If you want to get the ultimate reward, the Honeyback Harvester, you first need to submit enough jelly to make your reputation reach Exalted, and then you can open the exclusive mission to get the mount. If you have enough time and don't feel in trouble, you can get this cool flying mount in about a week. good luck!

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