WoW Classic Professions Guide: Best job for PvP players

  • In modern WoW, engineering has become a very serious profession, because Blizzard continues to provide players with a variety of complex and useful schematics for pieces of gear in the new development, so that they can produce some original Specific items that can be made by tailors or blacksmiths, these engineers even mastered the technology of providing enchantment for long-range weapons. But in the WoW Classic, this is not the case. The various products of engineering have very interesting names and strange effects, and they make a lot of laughter. You can get a 3% discount to buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold on ZZWOW's official website using the coupon code "ZZWOW". Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of ZZWOW, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

    However, it should be noted that engineering requires a large amount of metal material to be used to upgrade the skill level compared to other majors. Therefore, we recommend that your associate major choose mining. Try to collect all the materials you encounter during the leveling process, which can save you a lot of gold when you make products and improve your proficiency.

    In WoW Classic, when the player's level reaches level 30 and the engineering reaches 200, they can choose among the gnomes or goblin branches, which make full use of various engineering products in different directions. But each player can only choose one of them and can't change it. That is, if you want to learn the production recipes of the two branches separately, you can only create two different characters and upgrade the engineering level to learn the corresponding major. Engineers can consume a variety of materials to produce devices with widely varying functions, such as bombs, rays, and even portals.

    In daily life, if you are not a mage, then you can only take a boat to cross between the two continents, and engineering can let you learn to produce conveyors. Position your Hearthstone in the Eastern Kingdoms and position the conveyor to Kalimdor, making it easier to travel to all parts of the world. It should be noted that the conveyor will occasionally make mistakes and wear a parachute cloak before use.

    In PvP combat, engineering is more important than any other profession because it provides products that can be activated and act on the enemy, allowing you to take advantage of the battle with the player. Low-level PvP players will appreciate Arcane Bombs, which do damage and silence everyone in a given area. Engineers make the best ammunition for hunters, who slurp up those Thorium Shells and Thorium Headed Arrows by the bucketful when raiding. The Arcanite Dragonling, which Summons a little baby dragon to fight for you, can be quite powerful at early stages of endgame play.

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