Red Bull Racing both came out later

  • Beijing time at 21 o'clock, the qualifying kicked off, most of the drivers choose not to move at the beginning, the first debut is Erickson and Weierlein these small team drivers, Erickson made The first effective lap 1 minute and 40 seconds 692, followed by two Mercedes racers began to score, Hamilton made 1 minute 37 seconds 473 for the time being at the top, Botas slower than his team-mate just 0.231 seconds ranking Second, the Ferrari team is still the closest team to Mercedes, with Vettel temporarily in third place, but 0.732 seconds behind the top. Raikkonen then made 1 minute 38 seconds 119, slightly ahead of LOLGA his teammate temporarily in third place, but then Mercedes two drivers Hamilton and Botas have further improved their performance.


    Red Bull Racing both came out later, Vestapan's first lap temporarily ranked fifth, while Ricardo's first lap quite good, made a 1 minute 38 seconds 016 Came to the third place. And Bertas made 1 minute 37 seconds 356 beyond his teammate temporarily came to the top, while Alonso was only ranked ninth. There are still eight minutes remaining in this section, and still four drivers did not score. The next few leading drivers began to return to the pit lane one after another, leaving the drivers near the relegation zone to make a last-ditch ride. Eventually, Botas won the fastest lap in qualifying in this section, followed by Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel, the five riders eliminated in this section are Grosse Jean, Gasli, Virrhein, Erickson and Hartley.