Lions this season

  • Lions this season, the performance is still continuing his tradition of retransmission light running, under the leadership of Stafford, the Lions squad are able to pass out 268 yards, only located in the United Twin Bear Patriots, Steelers, And the lightning team that owns Phillip Rivers. However, the Lions run the attack is the worst in the league, as the only team in the league less than 1000 yards rushed the ball, they are the technical statistics at the bottom of the league. 


    The Lions team today's rivals Chicago Bears the data is the opposite, the Bears pass the offense is the worst in the league, however, they have a very good pass in the defense, averaging only allow opponents just pass 217 Code, ranked ninth in the league.When Stafford's Good Bow meets the thick shield of the Chicago Bears, will the Lions team insist on shooting through his opponent's shield with his strong bow, or will it be targeted to increase ground attack? This has become a worth watching this game aspect. The results of the competition also proved Detroit Lions team to see the ability to Madden Coins cook rice. The number of rushing balls throughout the season was just a thousand yards, but only Lions won 91 yards in this match, which is an atypical victory for the Detroit Lions.