Indian Force Racing passed the FIA

  • Ferrari's team leader Adriam Bennett said McLaren's insistence on removing shark fins is fun. Adri Babeni said: "Zac (Brown) thinks the shark fins affect the tail, but that's funny because at the same time he says he needs more room for business. If he wants to remove shark fins, this Not only does it not bring any more room to advertise, but he also needs to find other places to LOLGA place drivers' numbers, so I think that's the wrong move. "


    Indian Force Racing passed the FIA ??Halo test on Monday, the first team to pass the test. Andy Greene, Force Technical Director of India, said: "The FIA ??test requirements are very high, if you can not pass, it means you can not participate in the test will use a huge hydraulic device to push the cockpit direction Halo, Halo Deformation, but the single-hull cockpit must be kept intact, not a single point of damage, which is the focus of our new car design due to the introduction of Halo. "