From the papers point of view

  • In the league for so many years, from the Pistons to NBA Live Mobile Coins the Celtics, and then the Spurs, Warriors, James, what kind of defense have not seen the first half of the game, when Durant personal defense , James forcibly break dunks directly after the break. When the Warriors use substitution defense, James faced McCaw, Jordan - Bell and others, but also played very determined.


    When James was sandwiched, the Knight this small lineup space is very open. Calderon, JR-Smith, Claude, Carrefour are three-point projection, the first half of James led the period, but also the Cavaliers play the best period of time. The Warriors chase points, but also when the rest of James off. The entire first half, despite James 10 vote 4, 3 3-pointers vote 1, the efficiency is not high, but the first half, James +4 positive and negative is the Cavaliers best.


    From the paper's point of view, this knight on the year-end war no worse than the Warriors. However, when the Wade feel bad, Jeff - Green, JR - Smith can not transfer James' s pass into an assault, the Cavaliers immediately plunged into trouble. The entire third quarter, you will find that James did not play a war shot, all goals are from free throws.