Klopp also chose the starting lineup

  • Sturridge, Henderson, Klein, Moreno, Gruitch and third goalkeeper Bogdan and other players are still absent. However, Lallana, who has been missing for a thigh injury, is expected to recover from a back-injury on Monday, making his first starting debut this season. Not only that, Liverpool's lineup depth is better than last season. After signing Swindon for £ 75m, Liverpool got a much needed defender, and Chamberlain and Solanke in the summer window should also be able to replace Salah and Kutigno for FIFA Coins a period of time.


    This season, Klopp also chose the starting lineup when the way has undergone great changes. Given the need to play the Champions League and the over-exhaustion of players last season, Klopp has made 87 adjustments to the starting line-up at the Premiership, compared with 33 in the same period last season. Liverpool quarterback Carragher last month pointed out that "I think the best part about Liverpool is that Klopp is England's second full season. For Liverpool last season, January is like Is a nightmare because they have suffered a crisis of injury and their condition has also declined while Mane can not play either. But Klopp uses rotation more during the season and he has done every game 5,6 The second rotation. "