Balagua analyzed the goal of Real Madrid signings

  • Real Madrid need to reinforce the attack line, this is no secret, because the current BBC combination has not been together for a long time starting, C Lo, Benzema and Bell last together starting dates back to April last year, the Spanish national derby. Real Madrid currently behind Barcelona in the league 16 points, the team really needs reinforcement.


    Balagua analyzed the goal of Real Madrid signings, he said, "Real Madrid hopes to introduce superstars, they have been linked with the Courtois, they also look forward to the introduction of Azar, this is Real Madrid want to FIFA Coins have the next season But that does not mean that they will get both players, but both of them are on Real Madrid's list of signings. "


    Real Madrid's directors are increasingly aware that they need a new striker, Benzema need to be sold, he may not even have the support of Real Madrid fans Real Madrid every year or every few years will sign superstars, they realized Strike has been aging, the current goal is even harder. There will be new players to join, not so much against Barcelona's reaction, rather than to keep up with the other teams. "