Jaguar does not use the privileged tag with Robinson

  • Allan Robinson missed injury almost the entire last season.

    The days of his Jaguar in Jacksonville may Madden Coins have nearly ended. The Jaguar chose not to use a privileged or transitional label on Tuesday.

    In the absence of privileged labels, the potential for Robinson to stay in the Jaguar is drastically reduced. Jaguar is still a week to sign the renewal contract with the outside receiver.

    From the data point of view, Robinson does not stand out. With the exception of the 2015 season with 80 touchdowns and 14-touch 14 touchdowns, he never caught more than 1,000 in other seasons. But his reimbursement in the early part of last season still had a huge impact on Jaguars. His long-range catch potential, his ability to play one-on-one with defensive players and his catch in the Red Zone make him a great offender. He and Allen-Hurns together make up the league's most exciting young offender portfolio.

    After Robinson torn the knee anterior cruciate ligament in the first week, Jaguar continued to perform well and won 10 games. The performance of these victories and offensive teams convinced Jaguars that they could continue to pass the offense without Robinson. In addition, the worry about Robinson's recovery is one of the reasons why Jaguar does not use privileged labels for him.

    That does not mean the two sides will not renew - the Jaguar still has $ 29 million in payroll - but after the Jaguar renewed its contract with quarterback Breke Bortles and did not use Robinson's franchise label , Obviously the latter is not so important. If Jaguars are not renewed with him next week, he may soon become the top choice on the free agent market.