Cleveland Brown traded for Dolphin wide receiver Jarvis Landry

  • This week we witnessed the Philadelphia Eagles, the Seattle Seahawks Madden Coins and the Los Angeles Rams madly completing player trades, and Cleveland Browns also shot up the weekend.

    Brown has traded with Jarvis Landry, a Miami Dolphin wide receiver. Brown paid for this year's draft pick and a draft pick next year. Prior to this, Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints both expressed interest in trading Landry.

    It is reported that Brown is expected to negotiate a long-term contract with Landry after completing the transaction. This new contract will make Landry one of the league's highest-paying receivers. Currently Brown, with a salary space of US$113 million, has plenty of room to do this.

    In the fifth year of his career, Landry completed 112 catches last season, ranking first in the league, but he only scored 987 yards and averaged 8.8 yards per possession. His nine touchdowns helped the dolphin, but he was not a long-distance offensive weapon. He is a medial wide receiver suitable for writing near the tee line.

    Brown's deal is very reasonable. They need an external receiver that they can rely on. Josh Gordon has a talent for Superman, but he has had many off-court problems. The former first-round pick Corey Coleman has not fulfilled his expectations before the draft, Ricardo. - Ricardo Louis and Rashard Higgins are just role players.

    Brown's new general manager, John Dorsey, promised to sign the team's own players. Landry meets this status.