Clay Satisfaction All-Star results

  • Warriors today beat the Timberwolves to NBA MT Coins 126-113, after the match Clay - Thompson accepted the media interview.

    Today, as the captain's knight player LeBron James and Warriors Stephen Curry's All-Star results released.

    James first team includes James, Durant, Anthony - Davis, DeMarcus - Cousins, Carey - Irving, Bradley - Bill, LaMarcus - Aldridge, Kay - Carrefour, Russell - Westbrook, Victor - Oladipo, Christophe - Porzingis, John - Wall, Curry team squad include Curry, James - Kazakhstan Gordon-Didier, DeMar-DeRozan, Ioannis-Adtokunbo, Joel-Debbie, Damien-Lillard, Jimmy Butler, Demre-Green, Kyle Lowry , Thompson, Carl - Anthony - Downs, El-Hoferd.

    "I knew the outcome of the election after my nap this afternoon and I think it was a very interesting process and I'm happy to be part of it and this is the first time the Alliance has done so and it would be very interesting," Thompson said.

    The reporter said such a result would not require Thompson to trade, Thompson said: "Yes, I am happy."

    In addition, Thompson said it's hard to keep his all-NBA first-third hit percentage because he has too many third-serve shots.

    In today's game, Thompson played 35 minutes and got 25 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal 1 block.