When you put it in you would treat me as a hero

  • Denver Nuggets lost to the Celtics 110-111 at home NBA MT Coins today, after the match Will Barton interviewed by reporters.

    Nuggets in the implementation of the last attack when there is a pause when the opportunity, but the coach Michael - Malone did not use, Button chose to bring their own ball to the far field cast a far one-third, with his shooting is not, Nuggets lost the game, many people questioned the choice of Button, which, in response, Patton made his own response.

    Patton said: "When the ball did not go in, people were always asking all kinds of questions if we pitched the winning goal - I pitched the third or the ball to someone else - everyone would Coach and I as heroes, the coach has his own choice, I respect his decision. "

    Malone said: "This is a precious experience for us, we have to learn to win such a competition, I believe we will."

    The game, Button played 43 minutes scored 19 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists.