Thompson 27 points Du Kuang crazy blacksmith

  • The first section of the competition, Mitchell joined NBA MT Coins Ingalls in straight sets 5 points into the first jazz start, Durant pass a buckle also open the situation for the Warriors. Jazz by Ingalls fiery outside feel a slight advantage, the Warriors rely on conversion to bite the points difference. Warriors have not found a third touch, Jazz rely on several conversion offense to expand the lead, Goebel complement deduction scored 10 points after scoring. Curry assists McKee empty access, but O'Neal singles Durant also. Durant with a penalty with a penalty of 4 points, while the Jazz hit three-pointers. The first section finished, Jazz 35-30 leading Warriors.

    The second quarter, Thompson hit a shot in the first vote, the Jazz continue to hit the difficult goals in all, once again leading the Warriors to 9 points. Thompson's vote to help the Warriors continue to fire, but the points difference is still hovering around 10 points. After the main came back, the Warriors scored 4 points to stay with the decline, Rubio breakthrough behind the change layup, and then once again assists Goobe dunk, Jazz and lead to 10 points. Warriors attack still does not improve, Ingalls to cover one-third again. Jazz once lead to 15 points, Thompson and Curry in mind a basket in time to stop bleeding. Half the battle, Jazz 69-56 lead the Warriors.

    Easy side battles, the Warriors did not hit the wave in the third quarter as usual, the Jazz has been leading 15 points or more. Curry hit third, Durant caused killing, the Warriors slightly warming trend. But Mitchell immediately responded to a record one-third, Gobert also killed, the Jazz lead again to 19 points. Warriors then mistakes, Jerebuko layup so that the Jazz lead to 21 points. Into the last two minutes of this section, the Jazz hit rate began to decline, McKee dunks succeed, Iguodala station on the free-throw line, the Warriors chase 16 points. Three ends, the Jazz 103-85 lead the Warriors 18 points.

    End of the game, jazz inside and outside the flowering several times to expand the lead to more than 20 points, the Warriors directly after playing the half section replaced the main force. Two minutes later, the Jazz also began to replace the main force one after another. Eventually, Jazz 129-99 upset victory over the Warriors 30 points.