Wright I think Conti will stay until the end of the season

  • Although Conti led the team to a Premiership FIFA Coins title last season, Chelsea's pressure has been increasing with the recent disappointing Chelsea performance. Chelsea lost to Watford 1-4 recently made Chelsea vying for the top four positions in the Premiership even more doubts. Conti previously claimed that the club's transfer policy on funding too little, so the outside world that he and the club board of directors a little nervous. Based on the above, this may mean Conte will not coach Chelsea next season. Some recent reports also link former Barcelona coach Luis Enrique and Chelsea's coaching staff.

    Former Arsenal striker Wright said: "No, I do not think Conte will not (Chelsea coach will still be coach next season.) You look at his interview, he actually referred to his length of the contract, he said: 'I The contract is left for 18 months, and I will not go now. "It's almost as if he said: 'If they want me to leave, they will have to get out of me'"

    "They're in a sad situation right now, and I can not understand how angry Chelsea would have been if he promised something else to him." My heart-wishing hope was that the debate in Chelsea was, 'No, we Will buy players later. 'So, no, I do not think he'll stay with Chelsea next season because management thinks the squad is good enough. "

    "I think he will stay until the end of the season, because whatever happens now, they have to fight for the top four in the Premiership. They can not give up half way now. They have to rekindling no matter what the situation is going to be. The coach needs to remain calm and calm. Conference angry face, their focus on improving the player's ability to Chelsea compete for the top four Premiership is an imperative event.