Lovren still can not believe penalties

  • Five days have passed since Liverpool and FIFA Coins Tottenham last Sunday, but Liverpool's Zhongwei Lovrin is still indignant at the referee Moss's decision to penalize the penalty at 100% certainty .

    Lovren said: "I still can not believe what happened. Afterwards, I looked at the two penalty shootings. To be honest, I was even more surprised because it looked different from what was on the court."

    "Maybe, you can say that the first ball is a penalty because Carrius hit Harry-Kane, or Kane did not get offside, but that's worse when you see the pictures I really can not understand these rules. "

    "In a situation like this, we need VAR technology, but we can not find it because no one knows exactly what happened."

    "Then I saw the referees talk to each other," Did they touch? "I do not know what he said, but suddenly he punished the penalty."

    "That should not be the case, when you're penalizing the penalty at 85 and 95 minutes, you're 100% sure, that's a penalty."