Paul I told Smith during the game

  • Rocket today to 104-97 victory over NBA Live Coins the Lone Ranger, made eight straight, after the match, Chris - Paul talked about the loners of Dennis - Smith. Both Paul and Smith are from North Carolina, and Smith also participated in Paul's basketball camp.

    "He looks good and continues to be confident that nights like this are good for him because he really has the chance to play," said Paul.

    In the third quarter of today's game, after the referee whistles, Smith still jumped to cover Paul's shot.

    "I told him," Do not waste your bounce. "The bounce on our knees is a certain amount. We do not know what the number is, but we all have a number. I will save my bounce because I The bouncing is running out, "said Paul.

    In today's game, Smith played for 35 minutes, scored 16 points and 11 assists and 5 rebounds; Paul played 35 minutes and got 25 points, 9 assists and 8 rebounds.