As reported by the Tampa Bay Times

  • With only three games left for Martin in the 2017 season, the suspension made his contract completely unsafe, and the Buccaneers could have laid him off. However, the pirates Madden Coins did not pick the running back at the draft, and with top management giving Martin "a seemingly awesome" comment, Martin got another chance to prove himself. But the result is that in the 17-18 season Martin just out of 406 yards, six seasons in his career, the fourth output of 500 yards below, while the other two are at more than 1400 yards, a typical nerve knife.

    As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, it is not surprising that the layoffs of Martin could free up the $ 6.75 million payroll ceiling for the Buccaneers. When asked by a reporter about how the pirate dealt with the plight of 2017 and its future, general manager Jason Lechter said: "We can not disclose many details, but it is certain that our pavement attack needs to be strengthened. We need to see a more lasting, steady and explosive running back we're happy to see Peyton Babe (backup runner) perform at the end of the season, and Doug's performance is obviously not up to our expectations. "

    Along with Martin was laid off defensive forward Chris Baker, although Beck is the team locker room pistachio, but the player last year's performance is also flattered, the most team can not accept is that Baker Lack of team awareness, it seems a bit selfish.

    29-year-old running back into the free market may find it hard to find a job, Martin is still deciding whether to continue his career, the Arizona Cardinals, Detroit lions and Baltimore Ravens may be his potential next home.