There are many things in life more important than artisans

  • The Warriors beat the Thunder today 112-80, after the NBA MT Coins race Debremont - Green accepted the media interview.

    "We lost to the Thunder twice and we did not beat us and we played today with a different mindset, which was shown right from the start of the game," Green said.

    In today's game, Green once again received a technical foul, this is his 15th technical foul this season, he talked about after the game, but he did not worry.

    "I am an emotional person. I play passionate. I have children. I'm worried about how they grow. I do not care about technical fouls. I'm worried about raising my own children. There are many things in life that are technical and foul important, folks." Green said.

    In addition, Green admits that some of his opponents are luring him into technical fouls. "It is quite possible, but I do not care. I have more important things to worry about, so I do not care about them."

    In today's game, Green hit 34 minutes, 5 of 8 shots, got 10 points and 8 assists and 5 rebounds and 1 steal 1 block.