Ferguson is a guy who can help the team

  • Just ended a regular season, the Thunder 112-105 defeated NBA Live Coins magic. After the game, Thunder coach Billy - Donovan accepted an interview with reporters.

    Donovan speaks to team defender Terence Ferguson: "Terrence is very active and he does his job very well." Donovan also said that Alex Afrines tonight "Play well."

    Turning to Ferguson, Donovan went on to say: "It's not about seeing what Terrance can do, and I think I already know what Terence can do and I think he's a guy who can help the team. What we can do, he has some bad moments and some great moments, and he's a rookie. "

    Donovan speaks to team forward Paul George: "Paul (George) has a good shot and he's been hitting a great ball and I think he did a good job of basing his basket."

    Turning to lineup rotation, Donovan said: "I do not want our team to shrink in the final stages of the game and I think that would be a mistake and I think what we want to try is to get more people to get the chance. Now, we want to have 12 players on every night, at least keeping those guys active and engaging. "

    The campaign, George starter 37 minutes, 20 of 9 got 26 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists and 1 steal; Ferguson bench played 13 minutes, 2 in 1 to get 2 points and 2 blocks.