Emirates Stadium tickets sold but in fact the seat is low

  • Arsenal home defeat to Manchester City game, the Emirates Stadium has a lot of FIFA Coins empty seats, many fans gave up the live view of the match. In addition, the bad weather has also affected the attendance.

    The game, Arsenal have been behind 0-3 at the end of the game. Although the game before the game tickets sold for sale, but today the Emirates Stadium actually occupancy rate is low.

    Sky Sports commentator Gary - Neville said: "The fans are expressing their opinion, if they want to watch the ball, no matter what they will come."

    Graham Rushwood, who holds the Arsenal season ticket, said: "The fans are not sold out and you can buy the tickets before the start. I know that many season ticket holders will not because the weather and traffic will not Look at the game, or they just think it's too cold today, watching television at home is a better bet, and Arsenal are likely to be repaired again by Manchester City. "

    Although Arsenal announced its attendance at 58,420, there are clearly not many fans watching the ball from the field. Fans also shared empty stadium photos on Twitter.