Completing the contract with Fermino is important to us

  • Liverpool coach Klopp believes that their tactical FIFA Coins style fits perfectly with the team's forward Fermino. At present, the two sides are negotiating a new contract. It seems that the Red Army is very hopeful of negotiating a renewal with the Brazilians.

    Currently Liverpool is continuing negotiations with Fermino, they want to use a new contract to reward the striker this season's outstanding performance. Fermino moved from Hoffenheim to Liverpool in 2015, when his transfer fee was £ 29 million. Brazilians and clubs contract remaining two and a half years, this season he has scored 22 goals for the Red Army. Klopp said Liverpool is a great platform for Fermin development.

    The Germans said in an interview: "This (a new contract) is very important to us and to Fermino.I believe everything we do, the way we play, and we give him He was deserving of a steady chance of playing, and he deserved it because of his outstanding work efficiency and his excellent performance on the court, and he became a different player in Liverpool Other teams might say 'uh, he's really good.' But they may not be using Fermino in the same way, they may not have kicked him in on the 9th or 10th place, but instead He plays the wing. "

    "It's always hard to say things like that, but of course it's important to keep those guys in golden age and still have room for improvement. There's no question we want to keep Fermino. The contract is coming to an end this summer, but you can imagine that we will do everything we can to try (an agreement with Fermin to renew the contract). "

    This season, Fermino's game has taken a new level, until the season, he scored twice in the team after Salah, the team's No. 2 scorer. At the same time, he also put a lot of energy for the team's defense. Often from attack to defeat, Brazilians are Liverpool's first barrier.

    In January of this year, Fermino friend Kudiniao decided to leave Anfield resolutely, transfer to the La Liga giants Barcelona. However, the Redskins 9 filled the vacancy left by Coutinho with his outstanding performance. He has scored five goals in the past six games, which is the main reason for the recent strong performance of the team.