Giants veterans for the continuation of life or change the play

  • According to reliable sources, the New York Giants are trying to Madden Coins make Dominique - Rogers - Cromarty change playwright. He will compete with Darian - Thompson a key position.

    As a two-time pro bowl player, Rogers-Cromarty has played cornerback for his 10-year career. In his early career, Cromarty was primarily responsible for outside defense, and in the past two seasons he was traded to the inside slot.

    It is reported that before the end of last season, the Giants new general manager Dave - Kin Teman and Rogers - Cromarty had discussed the possibility of changing the course position. Now, this assumption has finally been implemented.

    Rogers-Cromarty, 31, is in his final five-year $ 3,500 contract. Next season, he will receive about 6.5 million US dollars in salary.

    Rogers - CroMarti's rival Thompson, it is the Giants in the 2016 draft pick of the three rounds show tour. He missed most of his rookie season due to foot injuries and was still suffering the brunt of the injury last season. Even so, Thompson still played as starter in all 16 of the Giants' regular-season games last season and was the team's most active player in the round.