Von Miller witnessed Messi 600 goals

  • A week ago, the snowstorm "Oriental Monster" swept over half of Europe, the Spanish club giants Barcelona club to the team put a small holiday. Taking advantage of the rare leisure time, Messi and Suarez two big stars and Denver Broncos defender von Miller met.

    Currently close to the end of the Super Bowl for Madden Coins nearly a month, NFL is in the offseason, von Miller happened to be on vacation in Barcelona, he did not miss the two superstar Barcelona meet opportunities. The three together took a picture, Miller excitedly sent photos on his social platform, and with the article wrote: "Football × Rugby." In the meantime, Messi and Su also made the same photo on their social networking platform, and Su's "Friends-Miller Road" on Instagram's homepage "Nice to meet you." Messi, Suarez in the picture are smiling, apparently on the visitor von - Miller showed great respect and friendliness, Miller also generous right hand on the "small flea" on the shoulders, left hand stretch Thumbs up for both.

    In fact, Miller and Lionel Messi at the end of last year together for Adidas took a heavy call advertising called "Calling all Creators", which is the first time the two really met, the ads include "glamorous" David Beckham, rocket superstar James - Harden, pop music king Farrell - Williams and "dragon" Rogers and other big coffee stars sat at a long table, the gas field is quite amazing , Almost heroic to explode!

    Miller, Lionel Messi and the photo group caused an uproar on the Internet, a photo released, soon attracted netizens around the world have liked. But embarrassed is that even users exclaimed, wow, this is not a "Legend of Shenhua," Little Drogba Dopa?