Get to affiliated 99 as an OSRS member

  • Want to apprentice how to get to affiliated 99 in Affable as calmly as possible? Apprehend through our OSRS Affable Adviser to apprentice out how.

    There are two altered sections to this guide. To start, we'll focus on chargeless to play cooking. Afterwards that, we'll attending at how you can get to affiliated 99 as an OSRS member.

    Keep in apperception that associates will abundantly acceleration up the acquaintance you can accretion per hour, extenuative you abounding hours of grinding.

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    What's the best OSRS Affable Adviser for F2P?

    Our activity beneath is the best F2P OSRS affable guide

    We will admonish you how to affiliated from 1-99 as a chargeless player

    We will go through the best methods for leveling from 1-99 below. We will activity tips on breadth you can acquisition anniversary affable method, cheap OSRS gold but in a lot of case,s you can aswell buy them from the Admirable Barter if you can acquiesce it.

    Level 1-14

    At affiliated 1, the easiest affair to do is bolt and baker shrimp. They don't crave annihilation to angle so you can accretion fishing acquaintance at the aforementioned time. A acceptable breadth is a beck abreast Lumbridge Castle.

    Level 15-29

    Once you hit affiliated 15, you should move to affable trout. If you access 20 fishing, you can bolt trout in the Barbarian Angel or in Lumbridge.

    Some fishers will bead trout whilst they angle to acceleration up their acquaintance gain. If you don't access the affiliated or the money to buy them, accede sitting in fishing spots and acrimonious up abandoned trout.

    Level 30-49

    At affiliated 30, you can move to affable tuna. You can bolt adolescent at Karamja with a harpoon, but you allegation 35 fishing. You can aswell aces up abandoned tuna, but achieve abiding to accompany an axe and blaze because you won't be able to acquisition a affable stove in Karamja.

    Level 50-99

    Once you hit affiliated 50, you can baker swordfish. Already again, swordfish can be bent at Karamja, but you allegation affiliated 50 fishing. It is recommended that you do not baker swordfish until affiliated 86, because that way you won't broil as abounding fish.

    It will be a complete connected bullwork to baker swordfish all of the agency from affiliated 86 to 99. In fact, you'll allegation to baker 67,000 swordfish.

    If you acquirement angle anon and advertise the angle you cook, you'll absorb about 4 actor from affiliated 1 to affiliated 99.

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    How about the best Affable Activity for P2P?

    Follow the aforementioned achieve as aloft up until affiliated 50

    After, you can alpha affable with altered methods for quicker experience

    Level 1-50

    For affiliated 1-50, you can chase the aforementioned achieve listed in the F2P breadth above.

    We access provided a quick admonition below. Accumulate in apperception that because associates can achieve money far faster, it makes added faculty to buy the angle complete instead of fishing for them or acrimonious up added people's abandoned fish.

    Shrimp – Affiliated 1-15

    Trout – Affiliated 15-30

    Tuna – Affiliated 30-50

    Level 50-75

    Once you adeptness affiliated 50, you should alpha affable lobsters. The bulk can adapt massively, but in a lot of cases, you won't lose abundant money.

    You should buy and baker lobsters from affiliated 50 until affiliated 75. You can do it from aural the Admirable Exchange.

    You'll allegation to baker about 9,000 lobsters to adeptness affiliated 75. This will crop about 10 hours of fishing. If you access a lot of money, you can acceleration up the activity by endlessly lobsters already you hit affiliated 68.

    Level 68-79

    At affiliated 68, you can go beeline to authoritative jugs of wine. All you allegation to do is buy grapes and a jug of baptize and use the grapes on the jug of water. You can achieve jugs of wine all of the way to affiliated 99. It will crop about 35 hours to do, and you'll allegation to absorb about 12.5 million.

    If you are low on funds, you should instead stick to lobsters and old school runescape gold afresh move to swordfish at affiliated 75. You can abide to baker swordfish until affiliated 80. If you acquirement the swordfish, you'll lose a few hundred thousand at most. It will crop 5 hours to get from affiliated 75 to affiliated 80.

    Level 80-99

    Once you adeptness affiliated 80, you can move to affable sharks. Already again, affairs raw sharks and affairs adapted sharks won't lose you abundant money. From affiliated 80 to affiliated 99 you should abandoned lose 1-2 million.

    It will crop about 40 hours to go from affiliated 80 to affiliated 99 by affable sharks.

    Overall, you can apprehend to go from affiliated 1 to affiliated 99 to crop about 50 hours, or 40 hours if you achieve jugs of wine.

    Going for angle may crop 10 hours long, but you'll absorb abandoned 2-3 actor at the complete most, instead of 12-13 million.

    Cooking is one of the easiest and a lot of cost-efficient abilities to get to affiliated 99. In fact, if you are lucky, you may even accumulation from affairs raw angle and affairs the adapted fish.

    Because the bulk fluctuations on the Admirable Barter are so massive, it is attainable to advertise angle for added than you purchased them. Usually, though, if you crop the achievability of afire into consideration, you are acceptable

    to lose a little bit of gold.

    There is aswell one added accession advantage for those that access admission to Lunar spells. With the Broil Pie spell in the Lunar spellbook, you can admission abracadabra acquaintance whilst aswell baking pies. You will allegation to

    absorb money on runes to casting these spells, as able-bodied as the basal pies.

    This adjustment is acceptable because you can apprenticed do it in the Admirable Barter and don't allegation to set blaze to logs or anguish about austere fish. It is complete expensive, however, and in actuality not the fastest

    advantage for earning affable experience.

    You can still use the Broil Pie spell as an able adjustment for training both abracadabra and affable and it's analytic able all of the way up to affiliated 99 cooking. It should abandoned be brash if money isn't a concern.