Maplestory 2 Mesos from

  • Back when locations like Aliens ( cheapest Maplestory Mesos which exist, as does LHC and SDH) were pre-nerfed, folks never educated out of those locations if they were at that range because of the absolutely ridiculous amount of EXP they handed over the rest of the locations. I really don't think you get a good grasp of just how these items work to be honest, considering you say these will get folks to go to other areas, but you clearly do not understand that it would just perpetuate the issue you are trying to fix. Yeah, it'll get BillyBobXXX to prevent training at -fit hotspot here -, but only because he'll migrate into Aliens, then remain there for 30 levelswithout accepting any EXP lower than that. '

    Seeing emptiness about the regular enhances player morale. Simple as that. Constantly encountering not a single person at the same time you advance through the game is very gloomy. I can tough it out because I'm a solo player for the most part, but a lot of players can not stomach that.

    Also, really combine the server tabs as well. If you combine servers collectively, it ought to be just one tab - a single alternative. Maintaining the other tabs just looks messy. Case in point: If you mix Bera and Windia, don't keep those tabs on the select page, produce a new, singular one instead.

    Implement a dynamic punishment system for People That break ToS

    Nexon is almost famously weak about penalizing players for if they break the ToS from the game. For the past couple of years, right up until very recently, they'd even let known dupers, exploiters, hackers, botters continue to play the sport through bogus second opportunities, when the players were prohibited in the first location. We now have a community which actually defends botters, and to some lesser extent dupers, and I believe that is in most part due to Nexon's actions before. By not taking a tough enough stance against people who break the ToS, Nexon has slowly taught the community it is ok to violate the ToS. Its ok to bot, since you won't get banned, and even if you can you can find a second chance pretty quickly. Or at least that was the situation until just a few months ago Maplestory Mesos