Publish a map donation counter top for Elite Boss rare reward c

  • A few other MMOs have the idea of map participation, meaning that you have to contribute a lot to a event/meta occasion before you start earning the much better rewards out of it. And the best rewards are only handed out to people who reach quite high levels of contribution/participation from the occasion. I think a similar strategy for elite boss benefits cheapest Maplestory Mesos could take away a large part of the toxicity and camping that surrounds elite boss searching.

    Simply speaking, you may only obtain contribution if you’re in the map’s level range. And for mobs under level 200, if you’re more than 5 degrees above the mob you become reduced participation. At this time I envision contribution like a mix of murdering dinosaurs at the map to help spawn the elite supervisor, and damage dealt to the elite supervisor. In MS Mesos this way, players who elite search can still get a tiny bit of map contribution, but the players who actually put in the job to spawn the elite will probably get the better rewards.

    If you have 0 map participation when the elite boss is killed you are ineligible to get one of the infrequent reward chests. If you merely have low contribution, then you are able to get a brand new version of the torso which only a small subset of the prizes. Probably something unlike any CSS without a epic pot scrolls IDK. If you have high contribution you get the routine, purple rare reward chests. And the more you have, the further chests you get.