Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Makers Share How To Choose The

  • In the modern family, following the old system, the housewife often cooks vegetables at home. Therefore, the modern kitchen decoration design should try to adapt to the habit of the hostess at home. Some large faucets, stoves, cabinets, etc. should be placed according to the habits of the housewife. Modern small-sized kitchens are decorated more often and follow the Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets manufacturers to see the precautions for small-sized kitchen decoration.

    Kitchen decoration needs to pay attention to the three issues of the ceiling, pipeline layout, and lighting.

    The height of the workbench is set according to the height of the human body. The height of the cabinet is suitable for the height of the most commonly used kitchen. The working table should be 800-850 mm high; the distance between the work surface and the bottom of the cabinet should be about 500-600 mm; The height of the stove top is preferably no more than 600 mm. The door handle of the hanging cabinet door should be convenient for the height of the most frequent users, and the convenient place to store it is best to place the usual items.

    The open kitchen has a medium table or bar that can raise the table top to 1000-1100 mm and a chair or bar stool that can be about 400-450 mm high. Adding a foot under the bar makes you feel comfortable.

    The cabinet panel emphasizes durability, and the cabinet door panel is the main facade of the cabinet, which has an important influence on the look and feel of the whole cabinet. Fireproof rubber sheet is the most commonly used door panel material. The cabinet board can also use clear glass, frosted glass, aluminum plate, etc., which can add a sense of design to the times.