Convenient Way To Assemble Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

  • Custom furniture can be combined with the interior space and the living habits of the owner. It is usually more comfortable to use and more suitable for the interior of the room, so many people like to customize furniture, especially kitchen cabinets. Then the Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets manufacturer j will tell you what to pay attention to when customizing stainless steel cabinets.

    1, the thickness of the cabinet board

    When customizing, the thickness of the cabinet plate must be checked to see if it reaches 16~18mm. The service life of these products can be more than doubled, and the deformation of the door panel and the cracking of the table surface can be effectively prevented.

    2, is it an independent cabinet?

    In general, the entire connection cabinet will affect its stability. Compared with the independent style, its service life and stability will be worse, but the cost difference is not big. In addition, each individual cabinet is assembled in one cabinet. The cabinets should be packaged separately and easily judged in front of the cabinet installation.

    3, assembly method

    The combination method is also a part that cannot be ignored. In general, some small factories or manuals on the site are mostly made of screw rivets or glue, and many box rods and fasteners can be installed more efficiently. The body's rigidity and endurance are more environmentally friendly.

    4, the back panel single-sided sealing or double-sided sealing Some manufacturers in order to maximize the savings, only the back panel of the cabinet is sealed on one side, and the side is invisible, but you know? After the face is sealed, the back sheet is susceptible to moisture and mildew, and it is easy to release formaldehyde and cause pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to know whether or not to use a double-sided seal.