Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share The Advantages Of Kit

  • When we were decorating the house, the decoration of the kitchen was very important. After all, we worked hard every day for a day. When we got home, we still need to cook for ourselves. If the kitchen is not well decorated, we would not even want to cook. What are the precautions for kitchen decoration? How about the homemade kitchen storage rack? If you don’t understand it, let’s introduce it to the Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers .

    First, homemade kitchen storage rack
    1. With the reasonable configuration, the utilization of kitchen space can be greatly improved. Make all kinds of items and utensils have their own, and keep the kitchen clean and orderly, and the baskets embedded in the cabinet can avoid dust. The basket not only maximizes the use of built-in space but also maximizes the use of discarded space at the corners to maximize the value of the kitchen.

    2. Convenient applicability: When installing the rack, be sure to install the entire layout of the kitchen and the needs of our daily life to install. Commonly used, the location of the cooking should be used in the place where we cook. The water is the place we can reach with our hands. We can install or place the vacant part of the kitchen.

    3. Become a key place for storage. All kinds of cutlery and gadgets are stored in the waste candy cans, sorted and placed in the storage basket, which looks neat and tidy. The multi-layer rack is a good helper for the cooking table, a top N! The dining table is in contact with the wall, and a long storage rack is installed to store daily tableware and cruet. A small gap in the cooking table can be used to store the knife.

    Second, the kitchen decoration matters needing attention
    1. The cabinets should not be too cheap, the plates should be at least dew, and the amount of plates used in the cabinets is considerable. Together with the generally small kitchen space and the hot and humid environment, it is suitable for formaldehyde. Therefore, environmental protection is still very important. It is not necessary to use the glass in the cabinet door. There are no handicrafts in the cabinet. It is difficult to see the oily salt and vinegar-like debris. If it is necessary, it is best to bring flowers or frosted.

    2. The kitchen needs to use a faucet for cooking, so the kitchen is easy to get wet, so the floor tiles are easy to slip after they have accumulated water. The wet floor tiles are difficult to avoid, so you need to buy non-slip tiles to ensure people's safety. Matte tiles are currently relatively anti-slip tiles, while the whole body tiles have good slip resistance and wear resistance. These tiles are very suitable for use as kitchen floor tiles.

    3. The spatial layout is better with a kitchen layout with a flat or L-shaped shape. It means that the work area is arranged along a wall in a shape, giving a simple and clear feeling. The L-shaped space design means that the kitchen area is set against the wall and corner, suitable for most kitchens, especially small and medium-sized kitchens.

    4. When designing the home building, consider the location of the kitchen. Generally, the location of the kitchen is set at four murderers. The position of the murderer is heavier, and this position is set to the kitchen to suppress the suffocating suffocation. This is because the fire in the kitchen corresponds to the yang, and the yin of the murderer can be properly adjusted to improve the feng shui in this position.