Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share The Sink Size

  • When decorating the kitchen, all the items in the kitchen need to be carefully selected. For example, the stainless steel sink bar, when buying stainless steel sinks, do you know the size of the stainless steel sink? Let's take a look at the Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers to see what the stainless steel sink size is.

    There are usually three types of stainless steel sinks, single, double and triple. Of course, the different model sizes are different, but in general, the size of the stainless steel sink is still very standard.

    The general size is a single slot 60*45cm, 50*40cm is relatively small, the size of the double slot is about 88*48cm, 81*47cm is common, and the three slots are generally 97*48cm, 103*50cm are also compared. Common.

    The stainless steel sink should be scientifically designed according to the size of the cabinet so that it will not be abrupt and a large selection of suitable stainless steel sinks. Therefore, when buying a sink, you should not blindly choose a suitable sink.