Does The Handmade Sink Manufacturers Answer The Rust On The Sin

  • Does the handmade sink manufacturers answer the rust on the sink surface related to sanding?

    It doesn't matter if it is rusted or polished. If the stainless steel is rusty, it is a problem with the quality of the stainless steel. Polishing only removes apart to make the surface smoother and brighter and does not change the nature of the stainless steel itself, so it is a matter of quality and polishing.

    The reason why stainless steel does not rust is that chromium in stainless steel is easy to react with oxygen to produce chromium oxide. Chromium trioxide is a transparent substance that adheres evenly to the surface to protect it. Therefore, stainless steel does not rust. After the film is destroyed, it is easy to rust and do a passivation treatment to protect it.