Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers How To Solve The Problem Of Fauce

  • Today, kitchen faucets manufacturers Will Introduce How To Maintain The Faucet Water Purifier And Its Leakage.

    First, Maintenance Methods

    1. Tighten The Faucet First, And Use A Wrench To Turn The Faucet Counterclockwise To Remove It.

    2. Thread The Hole Outward And Wind It 5-6 Times With The Wind-Printing Tape On The Threaded Part.

    3, See If The Faucet Has Been Adjusted With Water 拴 Wrench To Enter The Clock Direction, After The Final Installation, Open The Main Switch And Try To See If There Will Be Water Leakage.

    Second, The Cause Of Water Leakage

    1. Causes Of Water Leakage At The Water Outlet: Due To Wear Of The Shaft Gasket In The Faucet. Use Pliers To Loosen And Remove The Gland, Remove The Shaft Gasket With A Clip, And Replace It With A New One.

    2. Causes Of Water Leakage In The Lower Part Of The Faucet: This Is Caused By The Wear Of The Triangular Seal Inside The Gland. You Can Loosen The Screw To Remove The Hoe, Then Loosen The Gland, Then Take Out The Gland Inside The Triangle Seal Shop And Replace It With A New One.

    3. Leakage At The Joint Joint: Generally, The Cap Nut Is Loose, And The Cap Nut Can Be Re-Tightened Or Replaced With A New U-Ring.

    4. The Amount Of Water Is Reduced: May Be The Occurrence Of Water Leakage, Because The Water Stop Disk Of The Single Gun Faucet Stuck Sand, This Phenomenon Is Still To Find A Professional Repairer To Disassemble The Faucet Cleaning, But If The Rubber Pad Is Damaged, It Must Be Replaced.