Handmade Sink Manufacturers Brings You Knowledge Of The Sink

  • The sink in the kitchen has been in use for a long time and there are definitely many problems. Such as rust, mold, watermarks, scratches, water leaks, large smells, blockages, etc. If you don't solve it, it will be very uncomfortable to face these problems every day. Some problems may not be hidden. How to deal with these problems? Let's follow the afa handmade sink manufacturers to solve common problems with kitchen sinks.

    The installation of kitchen sinks is generally divided into stage installation, Taichung installation and under counter installation. The installation method for each installation method is different, but one thing is the same. That is how to install the glue. Unless it is welded to a stainless steel countertop. Most of the water seepage in the cabinet is due to the gap between the sides of the sink, which is not sealed. This allows water to flow into the gap. After a long time, it will corrode cabinets, molds, etc. A serious sink may fall directly to the ground.

    Therefore, the general solution is only glue, glass glue, silica gel, AB glue and so on. The main function is to prevent leaks and leaks and to stabilize the sink. However, the current glue has a long life and is prone to aging and falling off. Therefore, after the leak is discovered, the edges must be resealed.

    The underside of the sink is moist and the countertop is condensed. This is a very serious wet cabinet case. The back of the kitchen sink usually has a silencer and an anti-condensation coating. The purpose of this coating is to prevent condensation of the watering droplets. However, there is no such coating on the countertop, so be sure to keep the bottom of the sink dry and ventilated, especially for draining and sealing the sewer. The sink is initially exposed to water, so it is easy to humidify the surrounding environment. If the climatic environment also has an impact, such as when the temperature difference between day and night is large or returns to the south, you should pay more attention to keep the kitchen ventilated during the day and close the window at night. This is also to prevent further deterioration of the kitchen cabinet environment.

    The installation of the sink requires glue to ensure the stability and tightness of the sink. However, the general glass glue, after a long period of use, it is easy to develop a black mold. Since the kitchen sink often needs to be in contact with water, the humid environment is an important factor in the formation of glass glue.

    There is no good way to handle the mold on the side of the sink. The general cleaning method can only maintain excellent results in a short time. For example, use some toilet essence, 48 disinfectants, Mr. Wei Meng, baking soda, toothpaste, etc. These cleaning supplies can only last for a while.

    A better way is to cut off the moldy glue on the side of the sink and replace it with mold-proof glue. However, some of the existing mold-proof glues on the market are not very effective in terms of adhesion. Therefore, if you want to change the glue, you need to fully consider the stability of the sink.