Handmade Sink Manufacturers

  • The popularity of stainless steel sinks in home decoration is as high as 90%. Even many people think of the kitchen sink, and the subconscious will be equal to the stainless steel sink. The excellence of stainless steel sinks has made it unique to the market, resulting in only about 10% of other non-stainless steel sinks. Today, handmade sink manufacturers talk about how to choose such a popular stainless steel sink.

    1. Is the brushed surface still matte?
    The surface of stainless steel sinks has different surface treatments because of the need for appearance and practicality. Its price is generally between 500-2000 yuan, usually using 304 steel as raw material, the surface often has several surface treatment processes of mercerizing, drawing, embossing and matt. The more common is the matte finish, which has both gloss and durability. The most famous advantage is oil-proof, but the wear resistance is slightly weaker.

    1. Matte surface sink
    The drawing process is more delicate and smooth, and the hand feel is very good. The scratch resistance of the brushed surface is significantly improved compared with the previous one.

    2. Sink on the brushed surface
    The embossed surface is easily topped with stains and wear resistance with the raised lines, but the face value is somewhat difficult to say.

    3. embossed surface sink
    Therefore, in the selection, the sink of the brushed surface is more recommended. The daily small scratches generally do not leave a very obvious mark. The key is that the value is high and comes with a high-grade color.

    Second, stretching the sink and manual sink?
    According to the processing method, the stainless steel sink can be divided into two types: ordinary sink and manual sink. The manual sink is better in terms of color value and function.

    Ordinary sink
    Ordinary water tank is also called stretching water tank. It is a one-piece pressing and drawing of a whole piece of steel plate with a machine. The principle is similar to blowing a balloon. Therefore, the bottom and corners of the water tank will be appropriately thinned, usually made of 0.8mm thick steel. .

    The hand-made sink is not really tapped by hand, but by cutting, bending, and laser welding the steel plate. It does not change the thickness of the steel plate at the corners. It is strong and powerful, with a full sense of lines and weight. heavier.

    2. Manual sink
    The difference between the two can be seen very intuitively. Due to the reasons of the machine and equipment, ordinary water tanks cannot produce corners with nearly right angles. Most of them have round and smooth corners, while manual sinks can be bent into smaller sides. Angle, this corner is called the "R angle."

    The small R angle of the manual sink is not only better in terms of color value, but also higher in the utilization of the entire sink space. The price is generally higher than the stretch tank, but the quality is also better, and the conditions allow the selection of a manual sink.

    3. Size
    In the kitchen decoration, in addition to the special custom-made sinks, the spot products are generally selected. The common double-slot sinks are mostly between 70-80cm x 40-45cm. The single-slot size is not fixed and needs to be selected according to the table size.

    Third, the common double tank sink
    It should be noted that the width of the countertop is preferably more than 10cm wider than the width of the sink, but the distance from the sink to the countertop should be kept close. If you leave too much, you will unconsciously stretch forward when washing the dishes. The waist is naturally tired.

    Fourth, depth
    Regarding the depth of the sink, it is not as deep as possible. Generally, the depth of the sink is controlled at around 18-23 cm. The depth of the sink in this range is more ergonomic and at the same time more water efficient. The depth of the sink is less than 18cm and it is easy to splash water. If it is too deep, it will not only cost water but also need to bend over.

    1. The sink is too shallow
    If the home is already a shallow sink, students who are worried about splashing water every day can also add a bubbler on the faucet to alleviate the water splash. The bubbler will mix air into the water flow, so that the impact of the water flow is reduced. Splashing can also greatly reduce water consumption.

    2. Faucet bubbler
    There is a small door that selects the depth of the sink for everyone. When you buy the sink and custom cabinets, you can stand up and reach out to the bottom of the sink. Generally, most of the palms can touch the bottom of the tank, which is the most suitable height.