Handmade sink manufacturers share the cost of manual tanks

  • 1, from the appearance, the integrated groove is more round, the manual groove is thicker and the line is tough.

    2, the details, the integrated groove four corner arc processing, usually easy to use, the rounding of the manual groove is not perfect compared to the machined groove. The bottom of the integrated tank can make a large slope, which is more conducive to the launching of water. The manual tank can only make a simple X-type launching.

    3, there is almost no difference in the material. If you use 304 stainless steel, the difference lies in the thickness. Generally, the thickness of the integrated groove is about 1mm, and the manual groove can generally be about 3mm, or even the manual is 5mm. Slot, this is the advantage of the manual groove looks more solid and more personal.

    4, the cost comparison, the manual tank is definitely expensive, because it is all artificial welding, certainly high cost; and the integrated tank is machine-integrated press molding, and so many years of integrated tank technology has been in full swing, the cost is naturally low.

    5, Regarding the purchase, the focus is on the high-end faucet, hose, angle valve, and launching. No matter how good the sink is, the faucet is reluctant to spend money. The sink will rust and rust, it will not affect your life.

    The above has Amade handmade sink manufacturers to organize and share, hoping to help those in need.