Handmade Sink Manufacturers

  • At the time of purchase, the edge of the sink cannot be ignored, because the edge carries the weight of the entire sink, including the weight of vegetables, water, and tableware inside. If the design is unreasonable, it is easy to cause the sink to deform or operate normally. It is not very convenient. Then Afa handmade sink manufacturers to introduce the types of sink edge types?

    1. Ultra-thin edge, this kind of benefit is more suitable for quartz stone countertops, soup leaves on the countertop, with a little force, you can sweep inside the sink.

    2. There are many benefits of flanging. First, the edges are round and smooth, and the staff's hands will not be scratched when installed. And the stability is strong, the most important is the stability, the edge of the sink is stable, then there will be no shaking or deformation during operation, and the bearing capacity is relatively large.

    3. The flat side is very common. Generally, the height of the side is the thickness of the sink. Generally, there are many edges of the manual sink, because the manual sink has the advantages of a manual sink, and the three sides of the flat-topped counter basin, the Taichung basin and the under the counter basin. Eat and make a perfect combination of under counter basin and quartz stone countertop.