Handmade Sink Manufacturers Introduce The Opening Method Of The

  • At present, the countertops used by consumers are mostly artificial stone or natural stone countertops. The stone countertops are made of several pieces of stone. The bonding time, the amount of glue used and the degree of grinding will affect the appearance of the countertops. Generally, it takes half an hour to bond the table top in summer and one hour to one and a half hours in winter. When bonding, use professional glue to bond. In order to ensure the beauty of the countertop joints, the installer should use a sander to polish and polish. Hardware installation: basins, faucets, and baskets are also the highlights of cabinets. In order to avoid the wood chips falling into the basket track when installing the hanging cabinet and the countertop, cover the basket with the covering to avoid affecting the future use.

    Stainless steel sink installation involves water problems. When installing the cabinet, the installation of the water will be done by means of on-site opening. The hole will be drilled according to the size of the pipe with a professional punch. The diameter of the hole should be at least 3-4 mm larger than the pipe, and the hole should be opened after punching. Partially sealed with a sealing strip to prevent water from swelling and deforming at the edge of the wood, affecting the service life of the cabinet. In order to prevent water seepage in the stainless steel sink or the sewage, the connection between the hose and the stainless steel sink basin should be sealed with a sealing strip or glass glue, and the hose and the sewer should also be sealed with glass glue. Since the sewer pipe is located at the bottom of the cabinet, consumers cannot check it. Some installers do not use glass seals to save costs, which may cause odor or water leakage in the sewers in the future.

    Therefore, when installing a stainless steel sink, the problem of opening the stainless steel sink is very important. Here, I have a handmade sink manufacturers to briefly introduce what problems should be paid attention to in the stainless steel sink. I hope to help you:

    1. Confirm the size of the sink and its hole (the arc of the four corners of the water hole);
    2. According to the drawing, determine the center position of the sink, use the template to locate or draw the opening line according to the hole size;
    3. First open the hole with the hole opener at the four corners of the hole, and then use the machine to open the hole along the hole line;
    4. Milling the edge of the hole to the corresponding edge according to the drawing;
    5. Evenly apply the glass glue on the lower edge of the sink hole, place the sink in the hole of the opened sink, stick the reinforcement block, and strengthen it with strong AB glue. After the glue is solidified, apply the sealant.
    6. When milling the hole shape of the sink and installing the sink, it is necessary to distinguish the front and back sides of the table;
    7. If the sink is used as a countertop, the countertop does not need to be treated during the processing of the factory;
    8. If the above counter basin is installed on site, draw the opening line according to the opening template of the water tank, first open the round hole with the hole opener at the four corners of the hole position, and then open the hole along the opening line with the twisting machine;
    9. Evenly apply glass glue on the edge of the sink, install it in the hole of the finished sink, clean the excess glass glue, and wait for the glue to solidify.