Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Explains Why Glass Glue Is U

  • Some stainless steel sinks now have a roll of sealing strip in the packaging configuration, but many installers often use the sealing strips when they are installed, and still use glass seals, so it is necessary to hit the glass with the sealing strip. Glue? Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers gives you some advice:

    As we all know, the sealing strip is a strip of silica gel with a thickness of about 0.1-1 cm, which is waterproof, mildewproof, shock absorbing and the like.

    Generally, the sink package with sealing strips will contain sink fasteners. The sink fasteners can be hung on the fastening ribs at the bottom of the sink, one end against the bottom of the quartz countertop, and the fasteners can securely hold the sink in the sink. Above, prevent shaking.

    Since the sealing strip is installed inside the edge of the water tank, it is not visible from the outside, and the thickness of the sealing strip is thicker than the edge of the water tank, and the elasticity is sufficient. After the fastener is screwed, the sealing strip can closely fit the quartz stone countertop.

    Therefore, there is no need to hit the glass glue at all. There are many advantages to the glass glue without the sealing strip. The sealing strip can do the following:

    1. waterproof. The sealing strip is made of silicone and has the same composition as the glass glue, so the waterproof effect is exactly the same.

    2. moldproof, beautiful. We all know that no matter how good the glass glue, after a few years, there will be more or fewer signs of yellowing and mildew, and the sealing strip is inside the edge of the sink, which is not visible from the appearance, so the aesthetic performance is also very strong. of.

    3. shock absorption, protect the countertops, reduce noise. Glass glue is directly applied to the edge of the sink, and there is more or less friction on the edge of the quartz stone in the daily use of the sink. The rubber strip will be subjected to different forces, and the soft contact will have no effect on the countertop, which will reduce the vibration and reduce the noise accordingly.

    4. Environmental protection. Glass glue is slightly toxic, the smell is acidic, and it is hard to smell. Therefore, the strip is much more environmentally friendly than the glass glue.