Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers teaches you how to judge the

  • Afa Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers reminds you how to avoid the misunderstanding of purchasing stainless steel sinks

    First, suck with a magnet
    Many consumers think that stainless steel can be absorbed, stainless steel can not be absorbed. As everyone knows, even the best 304 stainless steel will be micro-magnetic after mechanical stretching in the processing of the sink. The worst 430 stainless steel will not be magnetic after demagnetization. Test, that is, 430 is more stainless steel than 304. It can be seen that this is simply untenable. On the contrary, the stainless steel sink is used by many treacherous merchants, shoddy and profitable:

    Second, press the sink by hand
    The thicker the basin is, the more durable it is. The premise of this judgment is that it must be the same type of stainless steel. If it is not the same type of stainless steel, it has no real meaning, such as a sink of 201 material, a sink of 304, the former is thick, the latter Thin, if according to this judgment, it should be the former is more durable than the latter, in fact, the 304 sink is much longer than the 201 sink, although the former is thicker than the latter because of the 8% nickel content of the 304 material. Compared with the nickel content of only 1% or even nickel, the 201 rust resistance is many times stronger.

    Third, determine the quality of a sink by weight
    Think that the heavier the sink, the better. This principle is the same as the hand pressure judgment above, and must be compared under the same material conditions, otherwise there is no comparability.

    Fourth, the stainless steel sink will never rust
    Stainless steel is not absolutely rust-free. It depends on the environment. If it is widely used in the environment of chloride ions, such as salt, sweat, sea water, soil, sea breeze, etc., it will rust quickly, even faster than ordinary. Low-carbon steel.

    Fifth, the surface treatment of pearl sand is more environmentally friendly
    During the processing of pearl sand, electrolyzed substances such as hydrochloric acid are used, and some harmful substances will be released on the surface gradually, which endangers people's health. Therefore, some developed countries such as the United States are strictly forbidden to enter the market by electrolyzing water tanks. Now some high-grade water tanks Generally, the wire drawing process is adopted, which is more durable and more durable than other processes.

    Sixth, one-piece water tank is more durable than welded water tank
    This is just a gimmick that the merchants play. Compared with the welded pots, the integrated molding sink has the disadvantages that the depth is not deep enough, the thickness is uneven, the price is expensive, the style is simple and not good, and the water tank is softened and not worn due to high temperature annealing. Nowadays, the stainless steel water tank of the welding basin adopts the numerical control welding technology, the welding is prudent, there is no such phenomenon as virtual welding, leakage welding, desold welding, etc., and the welding part completely reaches the same life life as other parts of the water tank.

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