Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Manufacturers Share Details Of

  • Many people know that the laundry cabinet is installed in the balcony. It is convenient for the washing machine to be placed in line with the laundry and drying, but many people will ignore the small details. Below Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet
    The manufacturer will tell you:

    1 The size of the laundry cabinet is generally designed to be 1.1-1.2m. Less than 1m is not very practical. Generally, one side is used to put the basin and one side is used to put the washing machine.

    2 Now the family is generally a drum washing machine, the height is generally about 85cm, the washing machine table should be more than 90cm, we have to reserve a part of the space.

    3 The sink and the laundry table should be made into high and low platforms, and the washing will not be carried out with the arms. The height of the sink is about to be easy to use in the crotch position.

    4 Installation of the laundry cabinet on the balcony should be carried out to plan the water and electricity pipelines, reserve hot and cold water pipes, sockets, power supplies, etc. Do not lay water and electricity in the position of the washing machine, and it can be installed under the water tank.

    5 The socket of the washing machine should be equipped with a leakage protection cover.

    6 General balcony sun exposure is more serious, this time to do a good job of sun protection, to ensure the life of the washing machine, the laundry cabinet should try not to make wood, it is best to choose a brick, more durable; you can also put curtains on the balcony to avoid the sun Straight in the sun.

    7 There is also a warm tip, the laundry pool is best to have hot water, otherwise the hand washing in the winter is cold; in addition, the countertop is made of a water barrier against the wall and the person's place to prevent water from flowing to the ground and body.

    8 The space above the laundry cabinet should also be used. The hanging cabinet can store laundry liquid, soap and other items; the small clothes rail can temporarily hang clothes when washing clothes, and it is easy to use.

    9 The balcony is not just a place for laundry and drying. It can also raise flowers and plants, and the table and chairs can be simply decorated into a full-fledged place.