Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share 4 Ways To Design The Size Of

  • The unreasonable size of the kitchen sink is prone to splashing of tap water when using water, which causes the cabinet to be exposed to moisture for extended periods of time. It is easy to produce a sanitary corner, which breeds microorganisms and bacteria, which seriously affects the health of the kitchen. The owner of the room bent over, washed the dishes and washed the vegetables. Very uncomfortable, not conducive to the long-term use of the owner. Then handmade sink manufacturers  Teach you how to determine the correct size of the kitchen sink?

    1, the average family's double slot length is 750 ~ 770mm, the width is 400 ~ 420mm.

    2, the kitchen can be installed with a single slot length of 420 ~ 450mm, width of 320 ~ 350mm.

    3, the above-mentioned above-ground basin installation above-ground basin-type sink installation is relatively simple, just open the hole in the predetermined position on the table according to the installation drawings, then put the basin into the hole, fill the gap with glass glue, the water is not used when using the countertop Will flow down, so use more at home.

    4, the Taiping basin installation This kitchen sink is installed in a flat basin to achieve seamless installation of the sink and countertop. The edges of the flat sink can easily wipe water droplets and other stains into the sink. The gap between the sink and the countertop will not leave any stains, making it safe and hygienic. Thanks to the seamless installation of the sink and countertop, you have more space to use. The sink is perfectly matched to the countertop and has a beautiful appearance.

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