Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Is Very Malleable

  • Nowadays, to meet the daily needs, designing the laundry cabinet at home is also a way, so how to choose the laundry cabinet material becomes the most important problem for people. Today we will give examples of three common materials, let's talk about their various characteristics.

    1. Ceramic laundry cabinet
    Ceramics are also one of the most common laundry cabinet materials. I believe that most consumers are familiar with ceramics. The appearance of ceramics is very smooth and white. It has a high "face value". It is very diverse in color and pattern. It has a traditional feeling, as long as it is accompanied by an elegant home style, we The room must have a flavor.

    2. MDF laundry cabinet
    MDF is a type of MDF. The physical properties of the MDF are moderate, the surface is smooth and smooth, suitable for mechanical processing, and the pattern, decorative paper, etc. can be added on the surface; the internal structure of the MDF is relatively uniform, the stability is good, the density is moderate, and the deformation is small. The MDF is considered to be a good rule in the balcony laundry cabinet material. The MDF also extends the waterproof PVC and solid wood multi-layer boards.

    3. Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet
    In terms of physical properties, stainless steel is resistant to high temperatures, low temperature resistance, and high temperature span. In terms of chemical properties, stainless steel is resistant to chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion, and is second only to aluminum alloy in alloys. Stainless steel has strong plasticity and is suitable for pressure processing. It is processed into various plates and pipes, and has a wide range of applications. Finally, in terms of mechanical properties, stainless steel has high hardness and high strength, and is suitable for manufacturing corrosion resistance and wear resistance.