How To Properly Design The Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet

  • When the size of the bathroom in the home is very small, friends can consider putting the washing machine on the balcony, and placing the washing machine on the balcony is best to create a laundry cabinet, put the washing machine in the laundry cabinet, so as to avoid direct sunlight, but also very Beautiful. However, the laundry cabinet is simple to look at, but in fact, we must pay attention to many problems. Otherwise, the use of the washing machine is prone to problems, and the later transformation is more troublesome. And currently the largest laundry cabinet on the balcony is the Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet .

    1. Is the pulsator washing machine suitable for laundry cabinets?
    When the drum washing machine is custom-made, the countertops are fixed, and the washing machine can be embedded in the cabinet. The pulsator washing machine is also suitable for laundry cabinets, the difference is that the countertop can be turned upside down. When not using the washing machine, the lids are closed.

    2. How to handle the upper and lower water pipes of the laundry cabinet?
    The washing machine needs water inlet, drain, and the laundry pool also needs cold water outlet and drain pipe. If you want to use hot water, you must add another hot water outlet. The general design is as follows: socket, water inlet, outlet are under the pool for later installation. If installed on the side of the washing machine, it will occupy the depth of the washing machine, which will cause the washing machine to stop. The balcony is small in size and the tee can handle the drains of the washing machine and sink. If the area is large or narrow, a floor drain should be placed on the balcony for groundwater.

    3. How to arrange the outlets around the laundry cabinet?
    The socket of the laundry cabinet is disposed under the water tank, and the power cord of the gasket is perforated, so that the electric wire is not exposed, is beautiful, and is provided with a waterproof cover. You need to add 1 or 2 sockets above the cabinet. Each situation is different, hydropower positioning will be different, it is best to determine in the field. This is not appropriate in the following two cases.

    4. Where is the laundry detergent placed?
    Laundry cabinets can also be woven, but space is limited. The laundry detergent, softener, etc. in the house are several large bottles, and even more. At this time, the cabinet is installed above the laundry cabinet, which can be combined with the open type and the open type is very convenient.

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